Calcined Bauxite

High Friction Surface Treatment:

For use as an aggregate, applied on a resin bond surface layer.

The deterioration of road surface friction is a significant factor in increasing traffic accidents particularly on sharp curves, off ramps and controlled stop locations.

Calcined Bauxite

Layer application of resin bonded Calcined Bauxite aggregates provide a durable and long lasting solution where insufficient friction is a factor in the cause of vehicular accidents.

The inherent nature of Calcined Bauxite resist shear stresses that lead to polishing. This quality is unique and therefore far superior to other road sufface aggregates.

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Typical Chemistry:

Aluminum Oxide   87% Al2O3 min.

Bulk Density   3.2 gms per cc. min.

Moisture Content   0.2% max.

Sieve % Passing
4.75 (4) 100
3.35 (6) 95-100
1.18 (16) 0.0-0.5



   Bulk bags / 50 lb bags


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